Should You Switch?

You may have heard that the new Nintendo console the Nintendo Switch is coming out soon. It, in fact, does release on Friday, March 3rd, very soon. So the big question is should you Switch?

There are first some things you must consider before you decide whether to get the Nintendo Switch or not. The first issue is availability. All consoles save a slim few are sold-out already. There will be a few available at 12:00 AM on Friday at Gamestop but you need to be willing to drop a large amount of cash at the few bundles costing $429.99 and $459.99 according to Polygon.

The second issue is that this is the first run of a console. The first few of any new device are notorious for bugs and issues. The same will likely be true for the Switch.

Third, it is not backward compatible. If you have bought Nintendo games in the past at all you will not be able to play any of them on this console. This is a little odd as Nintendo has had backward compatibility for the last couple console generations. This might be difficult for you not being able to play any of your Wii or WiiU games as well as DS games. However, since this console does not have motion controls, touch controls, or 3D it makes complete sense.

If you like Nintendo and their games, though, it is probably worth it to get it. I am not saying you should rush out to the midnight release. You can give it some time. Search a few reviews as things come out. Watch some gameplay. Study it a little. If you really are a fan I know you will get it anyway but it’s a good idea to research your purchases. Since we do not know when more will be available it gives you some time to do this. I myself will be getting one this summer when I have funds.

I hope to see you on Nintendo’s online services.



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