A Weekend with Switch

I waited from 5:30 PM last Thursday to 12:30 AM on Friday to get a Nintendo Switch. It was definitely worth it. During those hours I hung out with friends and made some new ones also waiting in line. We had fun and I enjoyed it, but not as much fun as Nintendos new console.


My friend Samantha got The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for her Switch, and I got 1 2 Switch as well as SnipperClips. She and I have been playing all weekend. It has been very enjoyable and I am loving the console and the games.

Breath of the Wild is amazing. The world is huge. The art is beautiful. The gameplay is amazing and I have barely even scratched the surface. I have at least 20 hours in the game and I feel it will take at least another 20 to beat it.

1 2 Switch is an interesting party game full of mini-games. You get to do things like milking a cow and do samurai training. It is a great game to show off the console’s capabilities. I particularly love the quick-draw contest. Boxing and sword fighting are also fun. This is a great game for when you do not have a ton of spare time or just want to goof around with friends.

Snipperclips is fun. It has good mechanics and a great concept but it is too short to be a full game and is not really worth the price. I enjoy playing it with friends but it feels more like a demo than a real game.

The hardware of the console is great. The controls are smooth and natural. The screen looks great. The size of the console, when used for mobile purposes, is perfect. Its easy to take it on the go or dock it at your TV and play it as a home console. The joy con with HD Rumble make some games very interesting. If you can I recommend you check out the 1 2 Switch games and see how that works. If anyone is interested in testing the console just ask me. Overall I am really enjoying It and I would recommend it to Nintendo fans. However, I think 1 2 Switch and SnipperClips should have come free with the console.



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