The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

I have had the pleasure over the past few weeks of getting to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game has been very enjoyable and thus I wanted to review it for you all.


The world of Breath of the Wild is huge. It is the largest Zelda game to date by far. IT still carries classic regions and towns such as the Gerudo Desert and Castle Town, but everything is a lot larger. It is also filled with plants, monsters, animals, bosses, towns, and so much more. All of this makes it feel very alive.  It is a perfect world for exploration. You will see something in the distance and want to go find out what it is. It has distilled a sort of childhood wonder and sense of exploration into it.

One issue of it, however, is that unlike other Zelda games it does not have much in the way of dungeons. There are lots of mini dungeons called shrines that have puzzles in them. There, however, is not the dungeons like you used to find in games like Link to the Past. I miss these. I miss the large dungeons, dungeon puzzles, exploring them, and the inevitable boss which is usually quite unique. There is nothing quite like a good Boss fight with increasing difficulty as you work through it. This can really be seen in Twilight Princess fighting Stallord.

This can really be seen in Twilight Princess fighting Stallord. A huge undead dragon or demon creature. Although I do not wish to go through the fight here you can google it to see it yourself.

There are a few boss fights and temple like places but it doesn’t seem enough or quite as a satisfying. I really wish they would have increased the difficulty and abilities of the bosses as well as making the quasi-dungeons more unique both visually and in gameplay mechanics.


The gameplay is great. The ability to dodge, parry, and counterattack makes the fights seem more real. This game frees you from a lot of the classic issue of having to kill monsters in a specific way. You can really go about it all however you want to. Both the world and weapons you have allowed you to be innovative in your approach to attack. You can attack from above a monster first and move to the ground, use the environment to kill it, or go at it head on, it really doesn’t matter. You decide how you want to do things. I love this about the game.


The story of the game though both good and touching, felt lacking. It might be that there wasn’t enough, or that it didn’t seem to weave into all parts of the world enough but instead followed a straightforward linear path to a large degree in a world that is so non-linear. It was most definitely a Zelda story but it didn’t have as much to it as previous titles such as Twilight Princess.


The controls are good but do feel a little odd at first. They are different from just about any other game I have played. After a little time with the game, though, things begin to feel very natural. It utilizes motion controls as well as the normal button and sticks layout well.


The game is very beautiful. I love playing it, but the resolution of things could be higher. The game is capped at 900p and it shows on larger screens. You can see ver jagged shadows and lines at times. The foliage of the game and animals all look great and beautiful as well as buildings and structures. The shrines, however, though good looking at the beginning start getting a little boring visually. They all use similar skins and have little visual variation.


Overall, I love the game. I have a few issues but they are not enough to detract from the fact that this might be one of the best if not the best third person open world adventure games as well as Zelda games I have ever played. I feel like they took the original idea for the Legend of Zelda and expanded on it with modern technology. There are some visual things that could be better. I would have liked more dungeons and bosses. Also, the story could have used some more work. Despite all these it is one of my favorite games I have played and I recommend you get it and play it, preferably on the Nintendo Switch.


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